Characteristics of infrared paint baking lamp

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Dry paint surface


Directional drying

A guide rail and high-precision intelligent control operating system for freely adjusting the height, front and rear positions of the radiator.

Quick drying

① According to the fourth power law of Planck's quantum mechanics, a strong radiator can establish a strong radiation field, completely changing the traditional heat transfer method mainly based on conduction and convection.

② The high-temperature radiation energy generated by the strong radiator is directed for transport.

③ According to the principle of electronic transition, under the action of a high-temperature hot photon energy radiation beam (hot photon beam), the high-temperature hot photon energy is continuously directed towards the working area (dried material), causing various molecules inside the material to quickly arrange and vibrate violently, forming a photoelectron excited state, generating strong internal energy. Moisture and volatile substances in the material are rapidly discharged from the inside out.

④ According to the Stokes principle, effects and counter effects, a strong infrared radiation source is used to form broadband directional radiation in space.

⑤ According to the law of total internal reflection, a doped rare element radiation plate has been developed and set as a new composite superimposed secondary strong excitation source.

⑥ According to Lewis solidification theory, infrared inclusion theory, and deep engineering design, achieve the goal of rapid heating and drying.

⑦ By using composite parabolic non imaging technology and unique reflective coatings, the radiation intensity is significantly increased, forming parabolic non imaging directional strong radiation.

High quality paint surface

The paint surface is dry, shiny, and has high hardness. It can be cleaned and polished immediately after leaving the baking room. The infrared paint baking lamp relies on radiation energy to force the molecules inside the paint to quickly arrange and vibrate violently, forming a photoelectron excited state, generating strong internal energy, forcing the water and volatile substances inside the paint to be quickly discharged from the inside out, achieving rapid drying. So during baking, there is no dust in the air, and the paint surface is as bright as a mirror. In addition, due to the high temperature of the substrate, the paint dries from the inside out, resulting in strong adhesion of the paint to the substrate, tight adhesion of the paint surface molecules, and a hardness more than 2-3 times higher than traditional baking paint.

High security

The product is easy to install and operate, especially with dual automatic control of timing and temperature, ensuring the safety and reliability of the baking room equipment and the baked goods (vehicles, metal parts, furniture).

Energy saving economy

According to experiments, infrared heating baking paint can save more than 70% energy compared to traditional baking paint. Save investment and reduce downtime.

Pre sales and post sales

Pre sale: Provide baking solutions based on paint requirements.

After sales: If there are any questions during use, provide timely answers. If necessary, come to the door to solve the problem.